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3 Insider Secrets To Build A Powerful B2B Brand To Transform You From Commodity
Into A Market Leader

This Strategy Has Been Tried & Tested On 20+ Industries
  Over a Combined 40+ Years.

GET YOUR FREE Brand Strategy Workbook

Stand out in your industry and get more sales

Show you’re different to attract and retain top talent

Build a brand that drives real business results


Are You Stuck In The
Commodity Trap?

Everyone in your industry looks the same, and it’s hard to stand out

You have to compete on price, and it’s a race to the bottom

Customers don’t understand why you’re better (frustrating!)

You keep losing customers and top talent to your competitors

You can’t figure out how to grow your marketing, leads, and sales

our brand is outdated and confusing (to customers AND staff)

If you answered ‘YES!’ to any of these, you’re like 98% of other B2B businesses… stuck in the commodity trap.

Here’s the thing…

You’re either a brand, or you’re a commodity.

In 2023, brand isn’t something reserved for sexy B2C businesses.

Or something that’s optional (you have a brand by default)…

Brand is your secret weapon to finally unlock that next stage of your growth, and stand out from the competitors in your industry.

Download your free B2B Brand Strategy Workbook and finally create a clear Brand Strategy to stand out, and get your company on the same page!

Yes, show me how to build a powerful brand

Discover How To Create A Powerful Brand That Drive Sales

Your brand is more than a logo, or website. It is a philosophy. We’ll walk you through exactly how to create the foundations of your Brand Strategy.


Brand identity

Define what your brand currently needs and what opportunities exist,  and uncover what you uniquely own and can deliver vs your competition.


Brand story

Figure out what’s your rallying story and define your “why” so you have a strong brand your team can get behind and that resonates with customers.


Brand character & tone-of-voice

Bring to life your ‘why’, your impact and the tone your brand communicates authentically and consistently.

Yes, show me how to build a powerful brand

Meet Your Brand
Transformation Teachers

April Martini

With 17+ years exploring the ins and outs of agency life, April Martini brings the agency perspective to ForthRight People. April uses her years of branding, design, CPG, advertising, and production experience to bring clients’ brands to life.

Anne Candido

Anne Candido provides ForthRight People clients with the corporate perspective. Coming from P&G and equipped with more than 2 decades worth of experience in R&D, product development, brand marketing and communications, Anne knows exactly what brands need to thrive.

Yes, show me how to build a powerful brand

Ready To Build A Powerful Brand
& Become A Market Leader?


Communicate your difference


Get pricing power


Attract & retain top talent


Get your company on the same page

Yes, show me how to build a powerful brand