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4 Attributes of Content that Drives ROI

Podcast + Worksheet | Feb 16, 2021

There is a mantra in the marketing and branding world that “Content is king”. And this couldn’t be more true. From digital to more traditional written and programmatic ]to OTT (over-the-top), we are now surrounded by content. And the reason it is king? It is the ultimate differentiator for a business and a brand. Not only does it drive awareness by increasing touchpoints with your consumers, content that is consistently branded across platforms can disproportionately build credibility, reputation and trust. These are essential to build the emotional and mental connections to your customer which will compel them to choose you over and over again. In this episode, we share how to make this type of content which will deliver ROI and propel your business. We discuss how the brand Athleta leverages these attributes and also where they could do better versus their competition.

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