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4 Tips for Getting the Most out of Paid Media with Amy Scalia

Podcast + Worksheet | Dec 13, 2022

There’s organic media and paid media. The latter can bring about muuuuuch bigger results in your marketing efforts – if you do it right. So, how do you get the most out of paid media? You’ll want to leverage influencer marketing, invest enough to break through and create an ecosystem, amplify content and placements across your channels, and know how the paid media KPIs impact business KPIs. You’ll also be faced with the decision of hiring an influencer marketing agency or going at it yourself, determining the most effective paid media platforms, and overcoming common mistakes with paid media. We wanted you to learn from a dynamic leader who knows all sides of paid media, so we welcomed on Amy Scalia. She’s an on-air host for Local 12, the Managing Editor of Cincinnati Refined, and started and runs the foundation PSNEVERGIVEUP with her husband.

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