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4 Watchouts for the New World of Consumer Research with Janelle Estes, UserTesting

Podcast + Worksheet | Jan 10, 2023

It’s a changing world of consumer research. There’s never been more data at our fingertips, but with that comes privacy and ethical concerns. How do you pull out insights that will positively impact your business? It comes down to keeping humans first, what to do about data access we may shortly lose, not overindexing on too narrow an audience, and keeping the consumer a part of the process. As always, some big questions face us in the research world. How much data is needed for us to feel confident we have the right audience? What are the best ways to get cost-effective information from consumers? And how do you frame up the conversation to get the most bang for your buck? We wanted you to learn from a true expert in the consumer research space, so we welcomed on Janelle Estes. She’s the Chief Insights Officer of UserTesting, a human insight platform focused on improving customer experience (CX).