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4 Ways to Create a Highly Functional Corporate/Agency Team

Podcast + Worksheet | Jan 12, 2021

We come from the opposite sides of the proverbial marketing tracks, with Anne at P&G and April at several different agencies. And though we have never worked on the same project, we do share a common truth: the best marketing work comes from the most functional teams. NOT the teams who like each other the most or get along the best, which is a common misconception. In this episode, we distill down our 35+ years of experience into 4 Ways to Create Highly Functional Corporate/Agency Teams. You will learn the characteristics and behaviors these teams employ to produce outstanding work on a consistent basis. And you will note how these apply to all types of teams. Case in point is our featured brand…Ray Dalio and Bridgewater Associates, the world’s largest hedge fund, who exemplifies these practices.

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