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How to Effectively Use Referrals to Grow your Business with Raul Galera

Podcast + Worksheet | Sep 27, 2022

Referrals, referral, referrals. They can be the best way to grow your business. But how exactly do you get them? It helps to get to know your customers, build a clear and easy-to-understand referral program, create two-way interactions with your customers, and facilitate a community that is not about you. You’ll also need to know when you’re ready for a referral program, how to budget for it, build an effective program, and make sure it stays fresh. We wanted you to learn from an expert who knows referrals better than anyone, so we welcomed on Raúl Galera. He’s the Chief Advocate at ReferralCandy, which essentially allows companies to run referral programs on autopilot.

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