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4 Roles Client Service Should Play in Serving Business with Chris Wallen, BAREFOOT

Post | Jan 24, 2023

It should go without saying that client service is important for your clients and your business. And we’ve seen a looooooot of good and bad execution. Client service should play the role of keeping the client in the room at all times, challenging the client’s beliefs and perspective, having a clear understanding of the business and its goals, and seeking opportunities to make the business stronger. But lots of issues can arise. What if client service leans in too much to what the client wants? They feel they’re being minimized? They keep getting asked to do only what the client wants? We wanted to resolve your worries with a thought leader in the space, so we welcomed on Chris Wallen. He’s a Director of Client Partnership at BAREFOOT, a brand experience agency in Cincinnati that serves clients ranging from Fortune 10 companies to local nonprofits.

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