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Vigilant Leadership Coaching

Learn the art of Vigilant Leadership with one-on-one coaching focused on improving your leadership style and building stronger, more effective teams.

Let’s Get Started

Vigilant Leadership is all about supporting your teams and keeping a watchful eye on their progress without micromanaging them. Embracing this style of leadership takes practice and thought, but it leads to happier, more successful teams and better results.

Through Vigilant Leadership coaching, we help our clients assess how well they are practicing Vigilant Leadership and pinpoint their challenges and limitations. Most importantly, we provide tools and exercises to guide them as they craft a personal Vigilant Leadership doctrine they can put into action with their teams.

We Help
Our Clients

  • Understand what level of Vigilant Leader they are
  • Take action to improve their team’s effectiveness
  • Become a better and more effective Vigilant Leader

“I recently engaged Forthright People to support me through a major career transition. April has masterfully guided me along as I restructure my team, refine our processes, and gain control of my workload. Her strategic approach to look beyond our immediate needs is making a tremendous impact on our entire company. Plus, I’m finding the balance required to be successful as a female executive AND a mother of two—something April knows all about!”

— Ali H

Helpful Tools To Get Started Now

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