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Classics: 4 Beliefs Critical in Helping Women Rise in Leadership: The Real Truth

Podcast + Worksheet | Sep 12, 2023

So many of us women deserve to be in the leadership positions we dream of. But, we struggle getting there due to outdated beliefs – some environmental, some due to archaic processes, and some due to us getting in our own way. This is exactly why we launched ForthRight Women (FRw) – to help us overcome what is holding us back. Helping women rise in leadership comes down to being good moms and good leaders, having the responsibility to rise and pull others up, being powerful, and acknowledging where we get in our own way. But what if you don’t have a village? How do you make time to prioritize yourself? And why does everyone else have to have an opinion? We have all the answers, as this is an area we’re super, super, super passionate about.

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