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Classics: Vigilant Leadership: The Art of Leading from Afar

Podcast + Worksheet | Jun 13, 2023

“Leading from afar” has become a hot topic due to remote working environments. But even before our current situation mandated it, we have found the very best type of leaders have the ability to do so from afar. This means giving their teams space and autonomy to do things their own way. And the benefit? They end up with higher performers and better results than those that micromanage. We call this Vigilant Leadership, meaning a leader is keeping careful watch over progress and results, but not involved and hands-on at every turn. In this episode, we speak to Vigilant Leadership best practices and how this can lead you to an entirely new level of success. We discuss John Mackey, Founder of Whole Foods, and how his practice of Vigilant Leadership resulted in business success and committed team members.

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