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Do I Really Need to Hire a Marketing Team? with guest Jeff Reynolds, Founder and President of Reynolds+Meyers

Podcast + Worksheet | Aug 02, 2022

Marketing, marketing, marketing. It’s everywhere you look, and we all know it’s important to growing your business. But who should actually do the marketing? Should you do it yourself or hire a marketing team? We believe a marketing team can be a phenomenal addition to your team – they’ll ensure you’re staying up to date with the ever-changing marketing world, they see the world differently than the rest of your organization, and they can even teach marketing to the rest of your team. Speaking of marketing teams, we’re incredibly excited to welcome marketing extraordinaire Jeff Reynolds on the show this week. He’s the Founder and President of Reynolds+Myers, Author of The Monster That Ate Marketing, and has top-notch insight on the best way to hire a marketing team for your organization.

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