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How to Get Gen Zers to Engage through Social with Corinne Westbrook, Gen Zer: Show Notes & Transcript

Post | Oct 10, 2023

Welcome back to Marketing Smarts! From brand-building and marketing veterans Anne Candido and April Martini (that’s us) comes a podcast committed to cutting through all the confusing marketing BS so you can actually understand how to take action and change your business today. We deep-dive into topics most would gloss-over, infusing real-world examples from our combined 35+ years of corporate and agency experience. We tell it how it is so whether you are just starting out or have been in business awhile, you have the Marketing Smarts to immediately impact your business.

In this episode, we’re talking how to get Gen Zers to engage through social with Corinne Westbrook. Listen to the episode on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and your other favorite podcast spots – follow and leave a 5-star review if you’re exercising your Marketing Smarts!

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Marketing Smarts: How to Get Gen Zers to Engage through Social with Corinne Westbrook, Gen Zer

How do you crack the code with Gen Zers? There’s a lot to consider, and any success can feel more like lightning in a bottle than a trusted marketing strategy. It helps to hear from the source – and we have you covered! We welcomed on a very special guest who’s been mentioned many times on this podcast – Anne’s daughter, Corinne Westbrook. Corinne is here to share what Gen Zers are thinking when they process your content and decide whether you’re worth their attention. This episode covers everything from TikTok to paid media. Here’s a small sample of what you will hear in this episode:

  • How do you get Gen Zers to engage through social?
  • What are Corinne’s favorite social media platforms?
  • Does she listen to her friends or influencers more?
  • What does “cool” mean?
  • How are Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat different?
  • Is unboxing still popular?
  • Does the quality of the content matter?
  • What’s one thing Corinne wants to do but her parents won’t let her?

And as always, if you need help in building your Marketing Smarts, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at:

Check out the episode, show notes, and transcript below:

Show Notes

  • How to Get Gen Zers to Engage through Social with Corinne Westbrook, Gen Zer
    • [0:00] Welcome to Marketing Smarts
    • [0:28] Anne Candido, April Martini
    • [0:37] How do you get Gen Zers to engage through social?
    • [2:06] What are Corinne’s favorite social media platforms?
    • [3:17] What platforms does she not engage with?
    • [3:48] Who does she follow?
    • [4:38] Does she listen to her friends or influencers more?
    • [5:19] What kind of content does she find most interesting?
    • [6:03] What does “cool” mean?
    • [7:08] What kind of words get Corinne’s attention?
    • [7:47] How are Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat different?
    • [9:39] What makes Corinne decide to purchase something on social media?
    • [10:57] ULTA, Drunk Elephant
    • [11:28] How do you know it’s a high-quality product?
    • [13:02] What deems friends as influencers?
    • [14:21] How do you find influencers to follow?
    • [16:17] Do influencers differ on Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat?
    • [18:13] Do you want to stand out in your industry and get more sales? Show you’re different to attract and retain top talent? Build a brand that drives real business results? Grab your Brand Strategy Workbook at:
    • [19:02] What makes a brand uncool?
    • [20:57] Is unboxing still popular?
    • [21:45] Are how-to videos still popular?
    • [23:12] What other videos interest Corinne?
    • [23:48] What brands shouldn’t be on social media?
    • [24:34] Does the quality of the content matter?
    • [25:24] What else would Corinne like to share about social media?
    • Marketing Smarts Moments
    • [28:05] What’s one thing Corinne can’t live without?
    • [28:34] Julie Ertz
    • [28:54] What’s one thing Corinne wishes she could be the best at?
    • [29:11] What’s one thing she wants to do but her parents won’t let her?
    • [29:51] What does she do in her free time besides looking at her phone?
    • [30:31] Will she promote this podcast on social media?
    • [31:25] What are her final thoughts?
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What is Marketing Smarts?

From brand-building and marketing veterans Anne Candido and April Martini comes a podcast committed to cutting through all the confusing marketing BS so you can actually understand how to take action and change your business today. They deep-dive into topics most would gloss-over, infusing real-world examples from their combined 35+ years of corporate and agency experience. They tell it how it is so whether you are just starting out or have been in business awhile, you have the Marketing Smarts to immediately impact your business.

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Please note: this transcript is not 100% accurate.

Anne Candido 0:02
This is Marketing Smarts – a podcast committed to helping you become a savvier marketing leader, no matter your level. In each episode, we will dive into a relevant topic or challenge that marketing leaders are currently facing. We will also give you practical tools and applications that will help you put what you learn into practice today. And if you missed anything, don’t worry, we put worksheets on our website that summarize the key points. Now, let’s get to it. Welcome to Marketing Smarts. I am Anne Candido, and I am April Martini. And today we’re going to do another elaborated Marketing Smarts Moment but from a slightly different angle. So we get a lot of questions from clients on how to show up on social to appeal to Gen Zers. So whether you’re trying to hire them or sell to them, there’s a specific criteria that deems you worthy of a Gen Z or attention I can speak firsthand about that since I have Gen Zer kids. So this criteria can feel virtually impossible to crack. It feels more like lightning in a bottle than a tried and true marketing strategy

April Martini 1:02
until today because today we’re gonna break this black box wide open to give you some insights into what these Gen Zers are thinking as they’re processing through your content deciding whether they’re going to give you that elusive but highly coveted millisecond of attention of their time that may result in an action that benefits your business.

Anne Candido 1:21
Alright, so how are you going to do this from we’re going to go right to the source and today we have a very special guest. There’s been referenced many times on this podcast whether she knows it or not. That’s my daughter Corinne Westbrook who is a Gen Zer. So Corinne, would you like to introduce yourself and say hi?

Corinne Westbrook 1:38
Hi, as you said I’m Corinne. I’m finally 16. And I’m a junior. My day consists of sleeping, school, soccer and screen time.

Anne Candido 1:51
Yeah, don’t forget the all important eating and taking the car and going wherever you want right now that Yes, right. That’s an important part. All right, so we’re gonna get to know a whole lot more about Corinne as we get through this. But let’s get into how to get Gen Zers to engage through social. So Corinne, let’s start with some context or just kind of set the stage for everybody. What channels are your favorite and how and when do you generally engage them? You said screentime was one of your primary agenda items for the day. So what does that look

Corinne Westbrook 2:20
like? Oh, my favorites would have to be Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok. And I’m trying to Instagram are kind of like the same plat social media platform. And I usually engage with those all times of the day, like boards wake up I go on Snapchat, see what my friends were up to while I was sleeping. Because I go to sleep before all of them or bored in class I just scroll through Instagram, seeing what everyone else is doing what people have been posting or Snapchat is all as I said was made part of my day it’s my social with my friends. I communicate sending a picture of my face which makes tons of words and then tick tock is for me whenever I have a big gap of time that I can just be bored in and it’s speaks to me because it’s short videos and I have the smallest attention span ever

April Martini 3:13
and what channels maybe do you not which I mean I can deduce based on what you said you do engage with but what which ones don’t you use and why

Corinne Westbrook 3:22
the old people channels like Twitter and Facebook

Anne Candido 3:27
Twitter is it oh people channel now wow how the mighty have fallen. Wow. Well no that’s that’s really helpful Corinne So tell us a little bit maybe on a channel by channel basis like when you engage in Instagram we’ll just start with Instagram in your kind of scrolling through your feed you said you’re kind of looking to see what people are doing like who are you following who you want to entertain? Do you what gets you to stop and then I’m going to ask you to like what gets you to give them like any kind of engagement or like

Corinne Westbrook 3:55
well mainly my following consists of like my friends and maybe some like influencers like soccer players or famous people that have just have a huge following and whether there’s also like the falling part of Instagram and like the recommended for you and I scroll through that a lot and on there it’s like a lot of what I’m interested in like the posts I interact with or like like skin and beauty posts or soccer or a lot of food also like just the things that I find most interested in like usually engaged by like a cool photo or like oh wow, this girl’s hair looks so good. What products does she used maybe or sub stuff like that?

Anne Candido 4:33
And is that anybody current you said there were some influencers and some of your friends so who do you listen to more? Are you listening to your friends more? Are you listening to their influencers more?

Corinne Westbrook 4:43
I feel like I listened to both like almost equally like obviously my friends I can get more true opinions behind because usually influencers are paid to like promote a product so they could be lying about the results. But like obviously, they’re like a big pig like they’re big in this society. So like it’s really cool. If I use it since they’re using it, and also my friends can like give me really good recommendations because maybe something worked really well for them. And I can see it like, in person. So then I’m like, oh, I want to try it. And then I like it, then I’ll tell my friends about it’s like a chain reaction that like, more people just get told about and it will just like it, like promoted more throughout people.

Anne Candido 5:21
What kind of content gets you interested? Like, is it somebody kind of showing before and after? Or be like, you know, or showing the product? Or is it what is the content that you find the most compelling or the most interesting, I just

Corinne Westbrook 5:36
feel like content that’s like, either has like a really interesting caption with it, or, like, made throughout a really cool like place and I’m like, Oh, wow. And then like, there’s like multiple factors that go into it. Or feel like another thing that really makes me stop is like, just like the cool like picture. Like maybe it has like cool colors, or has a cool like layout or setup?

Anne Candido 5:58
In what would you define cool to be since we’re old people, our definition of cool is not necessarily what your definition is. I mean, we still are like Facebook, so we’re definitely not that cool.

Corinne Westbrook 6:09
Yeah, that’s true. You guys aren’t cool, but I was feeling cool for like, my age is like colors like color schemes I like or like, kind of, like neutral or like, I feel like we like very, I don’t know the term but like, Baby like pink or like baby blue. What’s the term for that? Pastels. pastels, like we like pastels and like colors that go with like seasons. So like, if it’s like winter, like, we want it to be like blue themes kind of versus like spring we like like pastel like pink and like orange and yellow. So like things like that. Like, just like cool colors. I like go together that just like are like the same theme of like, what the picture is like gonna be about? And also kind of like cool fonts, maybe if like you’re trying to like add words to it. But if there’s too many words, we will not read it.

Anne Candido 7:00
Oh, that’s interesting. She

April Martini 7:01
said her attention span short. So

Anne Candido 7:02
yeah, she did. And that’s and that’s the point here. So give me an example. If you can’t correct it, like words that get your attention like what kind of what do the words need to communicate?

Corinne Westbrook 7:12
I feel like sometimes I see like, breaking news. I’m like, Oh, that’s interesting, or like, emotional reaction or wait for this to happen in this video. Like, this video is going to show like, like example on like, tic tock was like, wait for it when like the kid notice just like his dad that’s in the military comes home. Yeah. Like, it makes us watch the whole video until we wait to the end to finally see it. So then like that also catches our attention because like, we want to see like his reaction to that. So it is a difference between Instagram and Tiktok and Snapchat,

Anne Candido 7:52
can you give us kind of like the differences and how you might be interested or how you engage in Snapchat.

Corinne Westbrook 7:58
I feel like Snapchat is kind of different from this perspective than like Tik Tok and Instagram where like, TikTok and Instagram are very similar, like in how I interact like, I’m just like scrolling through like my recommended post or on TikTok. It’s like my for you page. And I’m like, light and then like, I stop at a video and like I like interact with it by like liking it, or maybe like tag one of my friends because I think it’s like, a funny video. Or like, sometimes I see videos that maybe have like a really good food dish, and I’ll send it to like my mom or like my sister. And like, that’s one way I interact in like TikTok and also kind of same in Instagram. Like, if I see, like a post about maybe like, something I want to buy, I might like, share it. And for someone that like may buy it for me. But I feel like Snapchat like is not the same because like Snapchat, like, I really only see like different like products if I’m like going through people’s like Snapchat stories which they post, like, there’s like an ad story like in between every few. And that’s how I see products on there. And like sometimes I take a screenshot of it and save it to my photos. So like when I go back through my posts, I’m like, Oh, I forgot about this. Maybe I wanted to try it or see like, is this still like a thing? Or is it like still like so popular? Like example would be like homecoming dresses, I like would go through my central space and I see so many homecoming dresses, and I like would screenshot them and I actually bought a homecoming dress like from my snapchat like ads, like this year. So like I was trying just going through back through my photos on my soul. I’m like, oh, yeah, I forgot about this. I wonder if it like, is still like a popular dress. And when I looked at it, it was.

April Martini 9:33
So you mentioned like, Well, that just the example you just gave with the dresses and kind of the quote unquote shopping side of things. What makes you decide to purchase or try it or like do do more than just take the picture? Or where do you not make that move? Like kind of talk to us about like, this is the point where I’m like, yep, this happens. And I’m like I want that. Oh wore Yeah, no, not for me.

Corinne Westbrook 10:03
I feel like a lot of it comes from like influence of my friends. Like, sometimes I’ll talk to my, like homecoming dresses, I would post like pictures of it to my store and be like, which one do you guys like the best for like me to buy. And like, I feel like a lot of relates comes from my friends. So like it can’t just appeal to like one person who has like should be able to like appeal to multiple people. And like obviously some people are gonna disagree but like if it’s like in like this, like area of like a lot of people are like, Oh wow, this like I really liked this, I think this would look great. Then like maybe I would like show it and then maybe my friends would also like save and be like maybe if she doesn’t get this one, I’ll get it instead. And also something like I don’t put like maybe not purchase is like if I like go to buy it and it’s like way too expensive. Like expensive towards like the quality of it’s like not as good as like the money. Like for example I was like at ULTA with my mom when like Drunk Elephant’s a huge like beauty like thing. This old

April Martini 11:02
lady knows all about Drunk Elephant Corinne

Corinne Westbrook 11:08
but yeah, drunk elephants like a huge like thing right now for teens, it’s like really appealing to us. Because like, tons of influencers use it, like, Great readings with me are like a huge thing. So like, we would always see it in that, like, I went to all to, like, go see it. And then when I looked at the price, I noticed it was like $78. And I was like, Well, I use like a moisturizer that’s probably like even maybe even like better than that one like for my skin. And I could get like four of those for the price of that one. So I think like reasonable pricing for the quality is good.

Anne Candido 11:38
And how do you know it’s a reasonable price for the quality because that’s a really savvy like consumer insight that I think a lot of business owners might overlook thinking that oh, as long as I make it kind of cool. Going back to the cool word, I can get any teenager to buy this or any Gen Zer to buy this as long as it’s cool enough and the right person saying it but the fact that you’re saying that there’s a quality price ratio that matters to you, like how do you know and how do you make that decision?

Corinne Westbrook 12:04
I feel like it was a tub of moisturizer like there’s no reason should be priced like $70 which is like the price of like clothing items, which are like because like the moisturizer is gonna like run out in like, like a month or two probably maybe three months. And it’s not going to last as long as like something else like that price should last you and also like there’s no like scientific like research that is like makes your skin so much better than like the survey like moisturizer I use like it like even people like I’ve seen tech talks about it too. Going back to TikTok it’s like people using like oh it like I broke out even though like all these people are like using it and like all these influencers but like it didn’t help my skin it just like moisturize it which was like the point but like it didn’t do like, much help or like make my skin look flawless. Like we’re glowing like you see all these influencers saying?

Anne Candido 12:57
So that’s interesting. So tell me a little bit more about the role of the influencer crap because I know you said like, a lot of your friends are influencers and you get a lot of your advice from them. But there’s this other group of like people you don’t know that are also influencer. So speak to me a little bit about the role that they play and what deems them or qualifies them as an influencer, that you would even listen to.

Corinne Westbrook 13:20
I feel like I’d have to just see tons of people like agreeing about the same thing. Like just like the same reviews and like if it’s a paid sponsorship like the like really influencers like huge hauling things like do sometimes I don’t listen to those because as I said they’re getting paid to like say it’s a really good product. So like, I’m not sure if it’s that trustworthy, but I’m seeing like girls maybe my age who like don’t have like on textile people can like blow up even though they only have like 600 followers, but by like you see those tick tock and I’m like seeing like a lot of those and like they’re like oh my gosh, just like product made my skin look good or this thing or like this clothing item made my like made me so like confident and make it look so good to like my body. And like if I see like those and just everything like agreeing with each other then I like will look into it more and maybe like I’ll go try it by like if they’re getting like pay to say it I don’t trust that as much. That’s interesting. And so how do you find these influencers? Or how you said that then

Anne Candido 14:24
you don’t have to have a ton of followers from them to quote unquote blow up first, like what does that mean? And to like how do you determine that the person that you’re listening to or your or you’re paying attention to or speaking to truth since you know you’re saying that the paid ones are like no no. So how do you know this other person? Is it the collaboration of everybody else? Or like how did how does that initial like Oh yeah, that that person is speaking the truth. How do you know?

Corinne Westbrook 14:49
I feel like if they’re still like, kind of like a more like normal person like like go to their tick tock or like go through it. I’m like, oh, this person like is just like me like you You don’t have like, like 10,000 followers, like they have a select few or like, in like, maybe they have like TikToks about like certain things. I’m like, oh, like an influencer, like, wouldn’t post stuff or like this or like, a big thing about me. It’s like, I like love soccer. So like a lot of my videos kind of like revolve around soccer. So then maybe like other TikToks, like when I go through them, like I see like them using like, wearing this stuff, or like using this color pre wrap with like, their jersey or whatever. And I’m like, Oh, I like that. So then like, I’m like, my by that and like, just, there’s like, they’re really similar to me. And like, I feel like we almost like live the same life, even though I don’t even know who they are. And also, if I just as I said, if I just see like tons of collaboration about the same product, and it’s like, everyone’s saying the same thing about it, and like the results for everyone are the same, then I’m going to want to try it. Or maybe my friends. Like, maybe I don’t know, my friend has a product. So like, I’ll go talk to DOM and like, be like, Oh, have you heard about like this product? And maybe I have it? And I’m like, Oh, how do you think it is? What are the results for you? Is it like similar? And if it is, and I’m like, oh, then I’m gonna want to try

Anne Candido 16:09
it. Got it. And so is it the same then on TikTok and Instagram and Snapchat? Are you looking for different levels of qualification from the three?

Corinne Westbrook 16:21
I feel like it’s all basically the same qualification. I feel like it’s harder to tell, like ads on Snapchat, though, is different. Because people can’t like comment or like, like it. So it’s like hard to tell, like, what people’s thoughts are, like on TikTok and Instagram, like, you can scroll through the comments and see what everyone else is saying, or maybe has a ton of likes. And like, that can also like speak to like, how good it is.

April Martini 16:43
Is there anything that you’ve seen on either of those channels that you’ve purchased without any vetting with anybody else? Or you haven’t, like saved it and come back to it? Like, has there ever been an instance where you’re like, Oh, I saw that, and I’m going for it?

Corinne Westbrook 17:01
I feel like Usually I take a day to like, think about, like, make sure it’s like what I want to like get or like spend my money on, it usually had to talk to a friend or two. Because sometimes, like what I think it’s not like what actually like is good. Or like maybe it’s like, oh no, like, you probably shouldn’t buy that like that one. And like, do the best for like you. I feel like, but like, I feel like it’s different, like clothing, like beauty products. Like, that’s usually where I buy, like, if I’m like, it’s a food dish, as I said kind of earlier, like, sometimes I see like food or like special, like sauces that like taste really good. I might not talk to people about them when I might just like go out and buy that because like, I feel like food is like different than like clothing and beauty products.

April Martini 17:44
And why is that as well I’m sort of guessing here, it’s like level of investment or financial investment or that sort of, like, it’s lower risk, maybe.

Corinne Westbrook 17:53
Yeah, like food is like, I feel like replaceable kind of like, it’s not supposed to last you forever. Like, it’s like it’s kind of like cheaper than like maybe like the clothing item I want which is which is like I’m gonna spend my money on it, I should like keep for like, a longer time and the quality should be good. Whereas like food, like I feel like doesn’t have to live up to those standards.

Anne Candido 18:13
So as as businesses are trying to engage you and your generation. I mean, we talked a little bit about like, what kind of constitutes quote unquote cool, but what turns you off to when when businesses are trying to sell to you what turns you off.

Corinne Westbrook 18:31
Um, I feel like one major thing as he says, lots of words are like a video that like just drags on and just like just spitting a bunch of information at me because like, I don’t care about the information of the product like it has like this type of thing in it that’s gonna give you these like I just care about the results like I don’t need all the middle information I just want like the product and the results and how people feel about it. But like if it has like a tons of words like or like a really long caption, I’m not going to read through it and it’s I’m just gonna keep scrolling because I don’t want to like read all that are like on TikTok like if it’s like a five minute video which you can do or like three minute video, I’m not gonna wants to listen to all that because unless has like an interesting backstory to which sometimes they do like, a lot of people do, as I said, like, do get ready with me and like the like, Have a fun storytime behind it. Which, who knows if the storytime is real, but like, it keeps like, like, listeners are like watchers involved to like listen to that and like see, like every product they’re using and things like that.

Anne Candido 19:31
So that’s really interesting. So are there different styles like you said that get ready with me? Are there other different styles or formats of video that keep you engaged for longer term?

Corinne Westbrook 19:44
I mean, like, like I feel like fun storytime or maybe like or when I said like about the military like person coming home like watch to the end to see this. Then people like will watch it. Or like just like so like it starts off with like, like In writing, they always said like, you need a really good hook to get the reader engaged. Like, I feel like that’s the same for like, promoting like your like product or like business.

April Martini 20:09
So it sounds like it’s more of a story than just a promotion.

Anne Candido 20:12
Yeah. What about like unboxing? Is unboxing still popular?

Corinne Westbrook 20:18
Kind of it can’t be unboxing. Like, it has to be a shorter video, like 30 seconds. Or it has to be like, watch when I unbox this, like, then this comes, like jumps out at me. And like, but it’s like fake but like, I still watch it because I think like, something’s going to jump out. Or something wrong is going to happen.

Anne Candido 20:40
What about like tutorials and stuff like that? I guess like the Get Ready With Me is sort of like a tutorial, but there are there are other, like, how to videos that are there anything that that’s popped up for you?

Corinne Westbrook 20:51
I feel like there isn’t that many like How To videos. But I feel like as you said, it’s really similar to like the gate arrays with me and like things like that or like, or I guess like how to make a dish. Like that’s kind of a thing. But like, not just like how to do your hair. Like that’s not really like an interest.

Anne Candido 21:11
So how would that have to be position in order for it to work for you? Is it more of like, Get Ready With Me vs. how to do your hair? Yeah, and what’s the difference in your mind?

Corinne Westbrook 21:22
I feel like a how tos like information like step one, step two, step three. And it’s like no other thing is like talking you through it. Whereas like a get ready with me it’s like them just like doing it or telling like a story or like doing something else not like sometimes like tick tock does it where like it’s like the Get Ready With Me then like Subway Surfers on the bottom. And like people are like watching the Subway Surfers like watching the video. Like we will watch it more because like Subway surfaces like really interesting somewhere. I don’t know how but it interests me. So like, I feel like kind of like that is like not just a bunch of information just like like information that’s going to overwhelm us. And we’re like, oh, this is so boring. I don’t like listening to you talk about the, like specific way to curl your

Anne Candido 22:06
hair. We’ve talked about like beauty. We’ve talked about food, fashion, fashion, are there any other? Well, we would call them like categorize categories or even service categories that interest you. When you’re kind of scrolling through

Corinne Westbrook 22:25
a few things I’ve seen like now I have a car like I’ve seen like products from my car, like a best like dealership to like get new tires or wasting taint your windows or something like that. Like, this is where I did this for like my car like that kind of me because like now I have my own car too. Or I really just sometimes we just see like, oh, like, like, trampoline, parks, things like that, like, these people are at a trampoline park. And we’re like, oh, wow, that looks really cool. Like maybe they have like a ninja course to like, we’ll look into that also, to feel like just like people like being there like taking like a photo or like a video, like telling you about like, their positive experience. Like, is what like interests us and like will make us look into it.

Anne Candido 23:07
Got it? And are there any brands or categories or businesses that you’ve seen on social that you’re like, they should not have done this? Or they shouldn’t be here?

Corinne Westbrook 23:19
Um, yeah, can’t seem like a really specific example. But like, sometimes, like they post things and it’s like, that looks so bad. Like, why would I want that product? Or like, Well, I see. Or, like, they post like a picture and like, you’re scrolling through the comments, and you see like, all these bad things about like, maybe like the people who like owned it, like own the company, like I know, like YouTubers, like sometimes like own like a franchise, and like people don’t like those like YouTubers like influencers so then people are commenting bad things. It’s like why would I want to like go to their restaurants support them if like other people don’t like them.

Anne Candido 23:52
So that brings up an interesting question to this the quality of the content matter how it shot the the way that it’s stylized in it the environment, does that matter does have to be like high res highly produced or is it like more of the authentic video, like in the moment like this is what I’m doing? And you kind of feel like you’re just right there with them. Like what does it matter to you what the quality of the video is? I

Corinne Westbrook 24:18
kind of like the more in the moment because I feel like it speaks more of the truth whereas like, such like a high quality like well position like well like thought out picture is like oh it’s kind of like faking it to like show off like the best parts like in the moment was like, This is what it like the reality of it is,

Anne Candido 24:37
before I get into our rapid fire, are there anything that we didn’t ask that you want to offer? That is like really important to the way that you engage with social social media.

Corinne Westbrook 24:52
I think just find like, what teens are interested in the most like you might have to like reach out to a few or like maybe talk to like, like if you’re like I’m So it’s probably more like adults like trying to do this, like talk to like an adult friend that may have like a kid, that’s a teen, like, see what they’re interested in and like, what like, their goals are like, what they want to come out of, like different products or like different brands and companies. And then you can like, think of those interested in, like, give them what they want and like, advertise it that way. And like, show them like, we’re with like the teens, like, we like thought about this and like, we like want to, like, promote to you guys and like this is the way we’re gonna do it.

Anne Candido 25:35
Got it. That was very helpful. And I think that’s really smart. And we talk about that a lot when we are talking about understanding your your client, your customer, your consumer. And this is no different. Right. And I think a lot of times we like I said earlier is we tend to think that teenagers in their their state of mind is a little bit irrelevant. And we don’t honor the fact that you guys actually do go through a thought process of what you’re going to buy, why you’re going to buy it, how much does have to cost, what kind of quality does it have to have who has to endorse it? And in some cases, probably a lot more savvier in that then a lot of other people, a lot of adults who are more complacent in their purchases. So I think that’s a really good insight that you provided. And I hope everybody listens to that, because I don’t think a lot of businesses do that.

April Martini 26:21
Well, and I think what we heard too, is limited amount of funds. Right? Right. So it matters that much more. I feel like when you said a few times Corinne, spend my own money, spend my own money. And it’s like the cost benefit analysis that you’re running through in your head is like I have this finite amount. And therefore what I’m going to spend it on is, quote unquote, a bit more precious. And so I’m gonna think about it harder and more often than you know, as an adult. It’s like, I feel like we sort of passively shopped. Sometimes this approach is it’s harder to break through, I think with this audience.

Anne Candido 26:56
And I think the comparison of like, why don’t expect my moisturizer to be the same cost as long as spent on an article of clothing. I think it’s a really huge insight to that. It’s not just a like you said just anything can be expensive, but it doesn’t matter as long as someone is touting it in a positive way. So I thought that was really important too. Are you ready for some rapid fire questions? Correct so people can get to know you a little bit better? Sure. All right, we’ll start with an easy one. What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Corinne Westbrook 27:27
My phone.

Anne Candido 27:30
Besides your phone? What’s one thing you can’t live without? Because that was an obvious way?

Corinne Westbrook 27:33
I would say my family.

Anne Candido 27:36
Aaaaaawwwww, especially your mom.

Corinne Westbrook 27:39
Especially my mom.

Anne Candido 27:41
Yeah. Are you gonna say your dinosaur spoon, but I like family better?

Corinne Westbrook 27:46
And then think about that one? Yeah.

Anne Candido 27:48
Who was one person you would like to meet? And why? Julie Ertz.

Corinne Westbrook 27:52
Because she I feel like she’s just been a big inspiration to me like with like, my soccer and like, also kind of just like, as a life in general in person like to be a good person and do what’s best for you.

Anne Candido 28:06
I like that. All right, if you could be the best at something and I’m gonna say not at soccer because I think that’s too much of an easy one. You’re already like a fantastic player. So we can be the best at something. What would it be?

Corinne Westbrook 28:19
A surgeon.

Anne Candido 28:20
Ah, that’s gonna be great. Because then you can take care of me and my old age. Yeah. All right. What is one thing that you’ve always wanted to do that your parents didn’t let you do?

Corinne Westbrook 28:35
Oh, by those motorized Jeep cars. He finally got one, but I was never allowed to have one. And so mean.

Anne Candido 28:48
But now you want a real jeep. So now we’re Yeah, yeah, that’s what happens if you don’t get what you want when you’re little. Yeah, now, I told April for sure. You’re gonna say gymnastics?

Corinne Westbrook 28:59
Oh, that’s a good one. Gymnastics and volleyball. I was never allowed to do

Anne Candido 29:03
those. Yeah, we should have had this be like almost like the newlywed game have credit answer and have me answer most he answered the same thing. A while. Do you know your daughter? Yeah. Oh, yeah. So what do you do to unwind besides looking and scrolling through your phone?

Corinne Westbrook 29:20
Usually I shower and like, get ready for bed. Like sometimes I clean my room. Usually if my mom tells me those people are coming to stay clean my room. So I don’t have to in the morning. And I just lay in my bed and think about my day and reflect on all my choices and all my conversations.

Anne Candido 29:40
Wow, contemplate life. Hmm. Yeah. Alright, so this is the last one. You ready? Yep. Are you going to promote this podcast episode on social?

Corinne Westbrook 29:49
Of course I am. Hey, I’m the star of the show.

Anne Candido 29:57
So we have it right now. recorded so you can’t back out because our base is gonna be checking to see.

Corinne Westbrook 30:05
Okay, I’ll have to promote it because I’m the star

Anne Candido 30:07
of the show. Of course. I mean, without a doubt that this has been really this has been really good crowd. I mean, I think you gave a lot of fantastic insights that I think are can be very valuable to people as our processing through how to market to to Gen Zers and people in your generation in general and I had a few “ahas” myself, so I thought it was extremely beneficial. Usually, we tell people, you know how to find you, but I’m like, I don’t think you want anybody stalking you. So we’re not going to give them your social handles or anything. But is there anything else that you wanted to say to kind of round us out?

Corinne Westbrook 30:42
Be creative and cool? All right. I

Anne Candido 30:45
like it, from Corrine. All right. Well, thank you, Corinne. And with that, we’ll say go and exercise your Marketing Smarts! Still need help

April Martini 30:53
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