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A rock-solid brand is the foundation to any successful business strategy. If yours isn’t strong enough to set you up for success, we’ll fix it.

Let’s Get Started

A brand is more than your logo, website, colors and fonts. It’s a strategy for your business. And it is this strategy that drives the creation of a presence that elicits engagement from the people you are targeting. So, when it comes to success in business, a strong brand is everything.  It can be your:

      • Guide for making smart business decisions that drive growth and scale.
      • Competitive advantage that sets you apart and fuels leads that convert into lucrative sales.  
      • Brief for more efficient and productive marketing executions.
      • Foundation for creating a culture that attracts and retains top talent.

We help our clients build solid brands that successfully address pressing business challenges.  Which means the process must begin with an immersion to uncover the challenge.  Frequently, this step is skipped in favor of a tactic that feels like the right solution but is oftentimes not. Only through understanding what is getting in your way and what makes you special can you develop a strong Brand Foundation.  This then serves as a clear strategy for identifying the right tactics.  And don’t worry! We have end-to-end capabilities, so the execution will deliver on the strategy you need to deliver on your business goals. 

We Help
Our Clients

  • Clearly define their business challenges
  • Develop a Brand Foundation that addresses those business challenges
  • Execute according to the strategy to deliver on the business goals

What’s a Brand Foundation?

A brand answers 3 questions: 1) Who am I? 2) How am I different?, and 3) Why do you want me?  The answers to these questions are translated into a set of verbal and visual tools that define a brand’s presence and help you reach your business goals.  These tools include:


  • Brand Story
  • Brand Character
  • Tone-of-Voice Principles
  • Mission, Vision, Values
  • Message Track


  • Logo
  • Brand Colors
  • Typography
  • Secondary Elements
  • Icons
  • Photography Treatments


Ready for the next step? Allow us to develop a comprehensive marketing and communications strategy or train your team to execute on your new brand.

The Health Collaborative

Learn how an informed brand can elevate your value.

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Helpful Tools To Get Started Now

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