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4 Insider Tips a College Athlete Should Know to Better Negotiate an NIL Deal with Nick Lord, NOCAP Sports

Podcast + Worksheet | Nov 22, 2022

The changes in NIL (Name, Image, and Likeness) have gotten a looooooot of attention in college athletics over the past few years. It’s created a huge opportunity for both college athletes and brands. But it’s still early – and it still feels like the Wild West. So, if you’re a college athlete, how do you better negotiate an NIL deal? It’s key you get appropriately compensated for exclusivity, be really good at creating branded content, clarify usage rights and get the appropriate approvals from all parties, and know your worth. You also may run into a blackout period, be asked to post during a tournament, and need to figure out a team to support you in your NIL journey. We wanted you to learn from an expert at tackling these tricky NIL scenarios, so we welcomed on Nick Lord. He’s the Co-Founder and CEO of NOCAP Sports, an NIL sports tech company helping athletes transform influencer marketing.

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